Welcome to Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg Clinics, where locals support locals

Many couples find fertility treatments financially stressful. As a result, Affordable IVF was created by local doctors and nurses to offer a competitive cost option for some IVF services. The cost effective treatment model was first introduced in our Sunshine Coast clinic in 2012 and due to its popularity and great success rates, the team decided to extend the services to Bundaberg in March 2014. Both clinics are locally owned and operated.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a family without the concern of finances determining if you can consider fertility treatment or not.

We are committed to making fertility treatment as affordable as possible. We understand that fertility treatment can be costly and for some even unaffordable. So that everyone has access to fertility treatments we have developed a service model that keeps treatment costs low, whilst still offering excellent fertility care. At Affordable IVF, a full IVF treatment cycle can be as little as A$2,000* for your first cycle and $650* for a subsequent IVF cycle in a calendar year.

Our highly experienced team of fertility specialists, nurses, scientists and counsellors can help you achieve your dream of having a baby minus some of the financial pressures and stresses.

Currently, Affordable IVF offers IVF and ICSI treatments using ejaculated sperm – other treatments such as sperm retrieval from the testes post vasectomy, ovulation induction, artifical insemination, frozen embryo transfer cycles or any treatments requiring donor sperm, donor eggs or donor embryos can be accessed through our parent clinic Fertility Solutions.

To make a free, private consultation with a nurse at Affordable IVF call 1300 LOW COST (1300 569 267).

What sets Affordable IVF Apart From Other “Low Cost” Clinics?

Affordable IVF was established on the Coast in 2012 in a response to patients suggesting they could not afford to commence or extend their family due to the cost of fertility treatments.  The result was a local nurse and 2 doctors working together to provide an affordable fertility treatment option for locals.

Today, over 3 years on, Affordable IVF continues to strive to provide our patients with an excellent service, not one just focused on cost.  So, how are we different from other low cost clinics?

  1. Egg collection whilst awake or asleep

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    We offer our patients the choice of having an egg collection whilst awake or asleep. At some low cost clinics, your procedure may be cancelled because you have more follicles than the criteria that have been set (i.e. 10).

    Administering all the medications that are needed in an IVF cycle only to be told your cycle is going to be cancelled because you have responded well to the medication can be devastating.

    At Affordable IVF, to minimise this happening to our patients, you have the choice of changing from being awake to being asleep under the comfort of an anaesthetic*.

    Ask your clinic if they offer patients the choice of being awake or asleep for the egg collection?

    * Conditions Apply

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  2. Continuity of care.

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    At Affordable IVF we are committed to providing continuity of care through the treatment stages.

    Our model is such that you have one specialist (of your choosing) who provides the planning of your treatment, behind the scenes management and follows up with you.  This means your waiting time to start treatment will be reduced and you will not see a number of different doctors who never really get to know you or your circumstance.

    At Affordable IVF, the doctor you choose is the one who sees you for your initial consultation, assesses your test results, discusses these results with you both, writes a treatment plan, and then follows up with you after your treatment is complete to discuss the outcome.

    Ask your clinic what their waiting time to start treatment is and if you can choose one doctor who will monitor your progress throughout the process and provide follow up once a treatment has been completed?

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  3. Specialists location.

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    All of our specialists are located in the same building as the Affordable IVF clinic, making it easier and more convenient for you to see a nurse after your appointment with your specialist. We guarantee a specialist appointment within 10 working days.

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  4. Affordable pricing for culturing and freezing embryos.

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    We have made the cost of culturing additional embryos and subsequently freezing and storing them affordable, so as to encourage people to consider this option.

    If we culture your remaining embryos and none reach the blastocysts, we do not charge you for this service.  You will only receive an account if the embryos successfully culture to the blastocyst stage and are frozen.

    Having a frozen embryo transfer carries far less risk for the person than having another full IVF cycle and once an embryo has reached the blastocyst stage, the chance of it achieving a pregnancy.

    Ask your clinic if they charge you if your embryos do not culture to the blastocyst stage?  And ask them what the cost of subsequent freezing and storage is – you will be surprised.

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  5. Easy transfer of service.

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    If the low cost treatment option isn’t right for you, then transferring to our full service clinic Fertility Solutions is easy as you can still stay with the same specialist who knows you and your partner well.

    Transferring all your test results and cycle information can be done at the click of a button.

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  6. Minimal out of pocket wait time.

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    Let’s face it; no one wants to be waiting for their money to be reimbursed once they have paid for a service.

    At Affordable IVF, we process your Medicare claim forms for you which means you are out of pocket for a minimal amount of time (approx. 2 weeks).

    Ask other low cost clinics how long you can expect to be waiting for your Medicare Safety Net refund?

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  7. Excellent success rates.

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    We perform a number of additional tests both before and during your treatment which has resulted in the following excellent success rates.

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