IVF is now affordable.  Your dreams are now within reach.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a family without finances determining if you can have fertility treatment.
We have developed a service that keeps treatment costs low whilst still offering excellent fertility care.
Your dreams of becoming a family are now real and affordable.

Affordable IVF and Fertility Treatment Services

Welcome to Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg Clinics, where locals support locals

Many couples find fertility treatments financially stressful. As a result, Affordable IVF was created by local doctors and nurses to offer a competitive cost option for some IVF services. The cost effective treatment model was first introduced in our Sunshine Coast clinic in 2012 and due to its popularity and great success rates, the team decided to extend the services to Bundaberg in March 2014. We are the only low cost clinic on the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a family without the concern of finances determining if you can consider fertility treatment or not.

We are committed to making fertility treatment as affordable as possible. We understand that fertility treatment can be costly and for some even unaffordable. So that everyone has access to fertility treatments we have developed a service model that keeps treatment costs low, whilst still offering excellent fertility care. At Affordable IVF, a full IVF treatment cycle can be as little A$2,400* for your first cycle and $950* for a subsequent IVF cycle in a calendar year.

Our highly experienced team of fertility specialists, nurses, scientists and counsellors can help you achieve your dream of having a baby minus some of the financial pressures and stresses.

Currently, Affordable IVF offers IVF and ICSI treatments using ejaculated sperm -  other treatments such as sperm retrieval from the testes post vasectomy, ovulation induction, artifical insemination, frozen embryo transfer cycles or any treatments requiring donor sperm, donor eggs or donor embryos can be accessed through our parent clinic Fertility Solutions.

To make a free, private consultation with a nurse at Affordable IVF call 1300 LOW COST (1300 569 267).

* Conditions Apply

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 18th May 2015 - confirmed
15th July - tentative
31st August - tentative
4th November - tentative

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