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If you live in Rockhampton and are seeking IVF treatment, you’ll be glad to know that you can have an initial consultation at our clinic in Bundy or via skype. Affordable IVF opened it’s doors in 2012 and has been serving patients throughout the region by offering a lower cost fertility option for couples seeking to start a family.

Rockhampton IVF and Fertility Statistics

The city of Rockhampton is home to 61,724 people, according to Wikipedia. Given that 5.4% of the population is married, this means there are about 3,333 married couples living in this area.

Since 1 of every 6 couples is having an infertility issue (on average), this means that 555 married couples in Rockhampton may be frustrated with this problem.

Why Affordable IVF Got Started

In 2009, the government make a significant cut in funding for fertility treatment, causing a 13.4% drop in the number of couples attempting to have a baby using IVF, ICSI and other fertility treatments. Affordable IVF began as an effort to change this trend.

Our belief is that lack of funding should not stand in your way of trying to start your family. Our lower cost options give Rockhampton couples the opportunity to try to conceive a child for about one-third the cost of full service IVF clinics.

Qualifying for Affordable IVF Treatment

We are only able to accomodate a limited number of patients for treatment each month. Therefore, we recommend that you call us to fill out the necessary forms to see if you qualify.

We look forward to assisting you and wish you success in your dream of starting a family.

Directions To The Clinic

Affordable IVF is located at our office on the Sunny Coast; however, you can schedule your initial consultation on skype and you may also have your first scan after beginning your IVF cycle at our Bundaberg clinic, which is located 287 kilometers from Rockhampton.

Your egg collection and embryo transfer procedures take place at the main office in Nambour (see map below). Whilst this is a long 6 hour journey from Rockhampton, you may want to consider staying over at a hotel near the Coast for the few days during these procedures. When you call us, we’ll do our best to help you develop a schedule that suits your needs. We look forward to helping your realize your dream of beginning your family!

Map From Rockhampton To Affordable IVF Clinic in Nambour