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Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg clinics have been designed so that we can provide quality treatment at a minimum cost. Having a nurse led treatment model helps us achieve this goal. Most of your appointments will be with a highly skilled fertility nurse specialist. Affordable IVF has the most experienced fertility nurses on the Sunshine Coast who will be there to guide you through your journey.

Our Fertility Nurses


Denise Donati, Nurse Manager

Denise grew up in beautiful Tasmania, where she started her career as a midwife. She then successfully completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and obtained her Masters of Nursing with her Major being infertility in 1992. In 1994 Denise was asked to manage a local infertility unit and after 2 years established Launceston’s first IVF unit.In 2007, Denise established Fertility Solutions with offices on the Sunshine Coast and in Bundaberg. In 2012, she launched Affordable IVF in order to help couples throughout the region to pursue their dream of having a baby.


Paula Hatchman, Fertility Nurse Specialist, Sunshine Coast

Paula started work at Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast in its inaugural year – 2007. She came from a background in midwifery, gynaecology & practice nursing prior to her introduction to fertility nursing in Toowoomba.Paula moved from her fertility nurse position at FSSC to the new sister company Affordable IVF in late 2012 . Her new role as senior nurse at the nurse led Clinic has been both challenging and exciting as the demands for a more cost effective IVF treatment has become ever so apparent. She is a committed fertility nurse.Paula & her husband George, have 3 grown up daughters and are enjoying their “sea change” since their move from Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast in 2007. Paula usually spends her free time walking on the beach, rowing, riding a bike, playing tennis & also the occasional hopeless game of golf.

Carol - Nurse, Affordable IVFCarol, Fertility Nurse Specialist, Bundaberg

Carol joined Fertility Solutions Bundaberg in Feb 2010, her previous work experience being a Nurse Spercialist in Emergency Care and a Nurse Specialist in Diabetes Care in the U.K.Carol emigrated to Australia in 2005 and moved to Bundaberg in August 2008, and now has a more relaxing lifestyle living beside Moore Park Beach.She is enjoying getting to know, and helping the Wide Bay community in my role as Fertility Nurse Specialist.

Julie Oei Affordable IVF NurseJulie Oei, Fertility Nurse Specialist, Bundaberg

Born in New Zealand, Julie moved to Australia to finish High School in coastal NSW. She went on to successfully complete a Bachelor of Arts degree and eventually her love of caring for people made a Nursing Degree the perfect choice. The completion of her post graduate program in Perioperative Nursing was quickly followed with the birth of a son. Bundy has been her home for over 8 years now, where she has worked in the Base Hospital. Looking for a change of pace and new experiences she is excited to be a new member of the Affordable IVF team.

Leigh Warneminde - Affordable IVF Nurse

Leigh Warneminde, Fertility Nurse Specialist, Sunshine Coast

Leigh grew up in Brisbane and trained as a registered nurse at Princess Alexandra Hospital. She then went on to work at the Royal Brisbane Hospital as an Intensive Care Nurse before moving to the Sunshine Coast. Leigh graduated as a midwife, having trained at Nambour General Hospital in 1998. She has worked on the Sunshine Coast for many years, supporting families and their babies in the postnatal period. Leigh has also worked at a Women’s Health Centre as a recovery nurse in that time. She undertook further studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast successfully completing her Masters of Midwifery degree in 2013. Leigh continues to be passionate about supporting Sunshine Coast families and assisting patients during their fertility treatment as part of the Fertility Solutions team.

The Role Of The Fertility Nurse at our Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg Clinics

  • Provide an initial overview of the service. You will need to download a fertility assessment questionnaire and complete this before you attend your initial visit. You will also each need to complete a referral form completed by your local doctor or Specialist with you to this visit. The Nurses will then review this questionnaire and go through the various options with you. This initial consultation is free of charge; however, should you wish to commence treatment, you will be required to pay an initial fee so the screening tests can be arranged. Get started by calling us to arrange for an appointment.
  • A nurse will arrange a follow up appointment to arrange the necessary screening tests if required and also an initial consultation with a Fertility Specialist who will discuss with you the process of IVF and provide the nurses with a treatment plan tailored to your needs. It is at this visit that the specialist will consider your personal situation and decide if it will fit with the Affordable IVF treatment model.
  • After your visit with the specialist, if they consider that your situation is suitable for Affordable IVF, an appointment will be made for you to see a nurse to collect your medications and your treatment plan. You will also be required to pay the gap payment for your treatment.
  • Explain each step of the process. Our nurses will help you understand your treatment process and answer any questions you may have in relating to your treatment. They will explain how to use any medications you need to take and when you need to have any tests.
  • In Cycle Monitoring. In order to monitor your progress during a treatment cycle, you will need to have some ultrasound scans and blood tests. These will be carried out by our nurses at the clinic. Some of our nurses have been scanning for 20 years, so you will be in good hands.

Contacting A Fertility Nurse

The nurses set aside 3pm – 4pm daily to take calls from patients. Nurses see patients at other times and are unable to take calls outside of these hours. If your call is urgent or you have a specific concern, you can also contact the Fertility Specialist on call by phoning the clinic for these details.

Call the clinic to speak with a nurse today.