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Scientists and Counsellors

Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg clinics have a team of highly skilled scientists with extensive experience in all aspects of infertility treatment including In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

Our Laboratory Manager and Senior Scientist have worked in some of Australia’s most reputable laboratories including IVF Australia, Genea (formerly Sydney IVF), and Repromed. They are supported by our parent laboratory which has been operational on the Sunshine Coast since 2007 and has gained a reputation as being a leading local fertility clinic.

You can be assured that our science and technology will be focused on following the best practices in the industry.

Our Scientific Experts

Jean_Scott_200x200Jean, Lab Manager
Alicia_200x200Alicia, Senior Scientist
Jess_200x200Jess, Scientist
Lauren, Affordable IVF ScientistLauren, Scientist


It is important for those experiencing infertility to be able to access counselling when they need to. Our Fertility Counsellors and registered Psychologists are all members of the Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counselling Association (ANZICA).

Fertility problems and their treatments can be an arduous road to travel. Taking good care of yourself, building your support network, and communicating openly and lovingly with your partner can help you to cope during this difficult time. Whilst the medical focus may be on your fertility treatment, it is equally important to care for your emotional well-being. We offer a high quality of emotional support throughout the treatment cycle and afterwards.

The empathy and objectivity of a fertility counsellor can be helpful. The role as fertility counsellor is to help people deal with the stress and emotions involved in trying to achieve a pregnancy or in dealing with other fertility issues. This may include:

  • Providing support with relationship difficulties
  • Helping couples or individuals explore better ways of dealing with anxiety or stress
  • Working through the complexities of treatment decisions
  • Debriefing and sharing experiences
  • Exploring family building alternatives

Do not wait until you are in crisis to seek help. Try to use counselling as a resource, not a last resort!

Making A Counselling Appointment

To help access this support, patients are encouraged to speak with their GP doctor about obtaining a referral to Naomi Beutel, prior to commencing treatment. A referral via the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative (Medicare Items Numbers 80115, 80110) allows for the bulk billing of counselling appointments in the comfort of your own home or in the consultation room. If you ask your GP to write out a a request for a Mental Health Care Plan, than subsequent consultations with Naomi can be bulk billed.

Alternatively, depending on your level of cover, your private health fund may help cover costs. Simply contact our counsellors directly – Rine on 0424 566 739 (Sunshine Coast) or Naomi on 0413 299 626 (Sunshine Coast) or Jeanne on 07 4153 0746 (Bundaberg).

At present, Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg clinics provides one fully funded session of counselling which is included in the global fee for all patients undergoing IVF. This covers a session during a fully stimulated IVF cycle and extends up to the day your pregnancy test is due.