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Qualifying For Treatment

There is no better time to start your IVF treatment. If you think Affordable IVF is the right choice for you, please call us now to register your interest and book an initial chat either face to face, over the phone or via Skype with a fertility nurse.

Patients who have already had treatment with either of our other companies, Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast or Bundaberg will receive priority access to Affordable IVF clinics.

* View our IVF treatment options or view a complete comparison of services between low cost IVF and full service IVF.

Qualifying For Treatment With Affordable IVF

You must meet the following criteria in order to access this competitive IVF cost treatment option:

  1. You’re using your own sperm and eggs (no donor sperm or eggs).
  2. You’re treatment is IVF or ICSI with fresh or frozen ejaculated sperm.
  3. You’re a female under 48 years of age and still having regular cycles.
  4. You’re not requiring additional therapies that need specialist monitoring such as anticoagulant use during cycle. (If you have experienced recurrent miscarriages, you can see a fertility specialist and discuss anticoagulant therapy to commence within 6 weeks from pregnancy confirmation.)
  5. You must be eligible for Medicare Rebates. Please contact Medicare on 132011 for further details or consult the Health Insurance Commission website www.hic.gov.au (follow the links to Medicare Plus).
  6. You must each have a referral from a GP or specialist to attenda specialist appointment at Affordable IVF. Please complete our referral forms (one for each of you) and ensure that your GP or Specialist completes it before your specialist visit.
  7. If you have had fertility treatment at another clinic you will need to download and complete a Consent for Release of Medical Information (this allows your previous clinic to release information to Affordable IVF). Once this is completed, please send this to your previous clinic and keep a copy to bring with you to your inital appointment at Affordable IVF.
  8. The female BMI (Body Mass Index) must be under 35. (Calculate your BMI below)
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Not Sure If You Qualify?

Please call us if you have any questions about your qualifications for Affordable IVF.