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Press Release Fertility Solutions Bulk Billed* IVF option 12/12/2016

Going head to head with the big boys

Fertility Solution is a privately owned boutique IVF clinic on the Sunshine Coast with a sister clinic located in Bundaberg. Both clinics opened in 2007 and have helped many local couples reach their dream of starting or extending their family. The clinics offer a range of treatment options to individually suit patient needs. Both clinics offer a tiered approach to IVF where patients can access low cost IVF treatments right through to fully customised treatments. The benefit to patient is that they don’t need to move to a different clinic or change specialist, to access the right treatment for their circumstances. Fertility Solutions recently underwent a number of changes that have benefited Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg locals. Notably, was the introduction of a second tier low-cost model of IVF where embryos are transferred at a more advanced stage which can maximise patient success rates, as well as the introduction of interest free and flexible payment terms*. However the most exciting news to date for these well respected and recognised IVF clinics is the introduction of Bulk Billed* IVF. The clinic owners have decided to take on the big boys of fertility (Primary IVF announced last week the opening of the Brisbane Bulk Bill IVF Clinic), and offer not only Bulk Billed* IVF cycles but also Buk Billed* frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles as additional services to the extensive options already offered to patients. This new service makes fertility treatments even more accessible for eligible patients, by helping to further lower their out of pocket expenses.
Comments from Clinic Manager Denise Donati:
“We are very passionate about trying to make fertility treatment accessible for most. I believe Fertility Solutions is the only clinic in Australia offering a four-tiered IVF treatment model to our patients, one of which is a bulk billed* cycle. It is important for patients to understand that it’s only the actual cycle that is bulk billed and there will be other costs associated with the treatments however, we are so excited about our Bulk Bill* IVF option and the opportunity it will provide to patients. After a fresh embryo transfer, patients will also have the option of choosing between a bulk-billed or customised frozen embryo transfer cycle,” says clinic manager Denise Donati. “Fertility Solutions has worked really hard to set up a user pay system where you only pay for what you need, as we do not believe in a one-treatment-fits-all approach.”
Donati said, “whilst this new Bulk Bill* IVF and FET option are not for everyone, it may give those people who never imagined they could afford fertility treatment, a chance to have a family.” Donati said, “whilst the opportunity to access Bulk Bill* IVF cycle will be offered through our Bundaberg clinic with nursing care and cycle monitoring occurring locally the IVF procedures in these cycles will be performed at our Sunshine Coast clinic in Buderim. Bulk Billed FET will be offered at both clinics.”
A patient information night will be held at the Sunshine Coast Clinic on 7 and 14 December 2016, 7.30 – 8.30pm. Patients can register by emailing enquiries@fssc.com.au or contact 1300 FERTILIY (337 845). For Wide Bay and Central Queensland call our clinic to discuss our Bulk Billed* IVF with a Fertility Nurse.

More information nights will be offered in the new year to patients and will be posted via Facebook and through our new website

(*Conditions Apply. Refer to our new website for more details on term and conditions)


profile mag logoFertility Solutions Featured In Profile Magazine

4th May 2016 – What an honour to be featured on the cover of our local Profile Magazine. Have a read of our story it highlights our new business structure – hope you like it. Full story.

FertilitySolutions logo square 120x120Free Information Event In Rockhampton On 14th April

25th March 2016 – Join us for a free IVF information evening in Rockhampton to learn more about the amalgamation of Affordable IVF into Fertility Solutions.

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This event will take place on 14th April at the Edge Hotel and Apartments. Those who attend will also learn about our new IVF tiered treatments that suit most budgets.

To sign up for this free event, please register here.

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FertilitySolutions logo square 120x120FAQ’s About The Amalgamation of AIVF Into Fertility Solutions

11th March 2016 – 1. What’s happening between Affordable IVF and Fertility Solutions?

We are currently rebranding and refreshing our business model with the vision of delivering excellence in fertility solutions whilst providing affordable options for our patients.  We want to be able to provide our patients with more flexible and affordable fertility treatments under the one roof.

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2. How will this amalgamation affect me?

There should be no effect on you as a patient; in fact if anything the amalgamation is beneficial for you because we are now offering a tiered level of fertility treatments.  You will now no longer have to transfer if you decide to have a different treatment option than the one your doctor has suggested because we are offering all treatments under the one roof.

The treatments that are being offered by the refreshed business will now be all able to be accessed by patients at the one location.  This means patients can start with lower level fertility treatments such as insemination (if your situation is suited for this) and then progress to other options if required such as our standard IVF treatment followed by our intermediate IVF treatment or more customised IVF treatment without having to change clinics or sign consents so that information is released.

We will continue to offer all patients the option of having their egg collection under the comfort of an aneasthetic at the hospital or whilst awake at the clinic.

3. What are the differences in the various treatment options being offered?

The main difference with the various treatment options is with our IVF cycles.  Depending upon a patient’s situation, they may be suitable to have what we call our standard IVF which was previously the treatment model offered by Affordable IVF and you have access to a cleavage stage transfer (day 2-3).  If standard IVF is not suited to your situation then we can offer you intermediate IVF where you have access to a blastocyst transfer (day 5-6).  Should neither of these options be suitable we can also offer you a customised IVF treatment where there are many other approaches to IVF that can be offered tailored to your specific needs including the use of donor sperm or eggs.  Your doctor can discuss with you if this is an option suitable for you as there are certain criteria that needs to be met.

4. What criteria do I need to meet so that I can access the standard/intermediate IVF option?

To be able to access our entry level IVF service you will need to fit the following criteria:

  • Both partners have access to Medicare rebates
  • You must be using your own sperm and eggs (no donor sperm or eggs)
  • Only IVF or ICSI with fresh or frozen ejaculated sperm
  • The female must have a BMI <35

Your specialist can discuss this in more detail with you and together you can work out which is the most appropriate treatment option for you.

5. If I want to change from the standard IVF approach to the intermediate level or even to more flexible customised IVF treatments or vice versa can I do this?

Yes, of course as long as your situation is suitable for the treatment option you want.  All you would need to do is have a chat with your specialist and then go from there.

6. What are the differences between the various levels of IVF treatments?

The main differences between standard IVF and intermediate IVF is with standard your embryo transfer will occur on day 2-3 post egg collection (cleavage) but with intermediate the transfer will be on day 5-6 post egg collection (blastocyst).

The main difference between standard/intermediate IVF and customised IVF is that standard IVF only offers patients one specific treatment approach, whilst you will see the same doctor for your treatment planning and follow up, there will be a roster system for the doctor who will be doing the egg collections.  The nurses will perform all your scans and a nurse will perform your embryo transfer.  As this approach is less complex it is also more cost effective.  With the more flexible customized IVF approach your own specialist monitors your cycle, performs your egg collection and your embryo transfer.  With the more customised approach your specialist is able to offer you many more options that are not able to be offered with standard IVF such as different approaches to the IVF cycle, surgical sperm retrievals and donor treatments just to name a few.

7. Are the differences between standard/intermediate IVF and more customised approach to IVF worth the $$ difference?

With the standard/intermediate approach to IVF treatment your main contact is with a nurse whilst more flexible customised IVF treatments your contact is primarily with your specialist.  Your specialist will perform your scans, egg collection and embryo transfer whilst these are performed by the nurses with a doctor on a roster doing the egg collection with standard/intermediate IVF model.   Using nurses for these procedures is more cost effective when compared to a fertility specialist and with the many different approaches to IVF offered by the more customised IVF level they often require intense planning and trouble shooting and specialist involvement along with more monitoring (i.e. blood tests and scans).  They often involve a lot of staff work behind the scenes with all departments.  Because of this the cycle costs with customised IVF are greater when compared to standard/Intermediate IVF that has a regular approach to treatment planning and monitoring.

For more information please feel free to call us on 1300 FERTILITY.

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UNSW AustraliaFrozen Embryos As Successful As Fresh Embryos IN IVF

11th September 2015 – IVF cycles using embryos that have been frozen and thawed are just as successful as fresh embryos according to a new UNSW report. View Full Release.

affordable ivf logoSave Money: Have Your Subsequent IVF Cycle Before End Of Year

9th September 2015 – If you have been considering having a subsequent IVF treatment with Affordable IVF in the same calendar year and thinking that you might wait until next year, we have some news that you will be interested in. 

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 The Medicare government safety nets are changing in 2016 and as such it may cost you twice as much to have a subsequent cycle in 2016 when compared to this year. Read about this new Medicare Safety Net information at MBS online – A new Medicare Safety Net.

Our interpretation of this new threshold for 2016 and how it will affect you:

It appears that a subsequent IVF cycle in a calendar year will, in 2016, have the safety nets refunds capped lower than those that are already in place for 2015. This means that your out of pocket cost for a subsequent IVF cycle in a calendar year with Affordable IVF will be approximately double in 2016 compared to what it is this year – that is ~$1,400 compared to $600.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss commencing a subsequent cycle before the end of this calendar year with Affordable IVF, please phone our friendly reception staff as soon as possible, so we can make sure that your cycle starts in time before the safety net calendar ceases for 2015.

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affordable ivf logoSave up to $1,500 On Your Egg Collection Procedure

29th July 2015 – Affordable IVF is now in the planning stages of being able to offer patients the choice on how you have your egg collection procedure. 

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Patients can now chose to have their egg collection in a hospital setting under the comfort of a general aneasthetic or in the clinic under conscious sedation* (conditions apply).

We have always been able to offer the egg collection at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Day Surgery under a general anaesthetic for your comfort; this will not change. What has changed is that we are now planning to offer egg collections on site at the clinic, whilst you are awake (known as conscious sedation) at no extra cost.

For people who are self-insured, this means a considerable savings (up to $1,500).  The benefit to our patients is that they now have the choice to be awake or asleep for the egg collection.  There are specific criteria that need to be met before a patient can have the egg collection under conscious sedation, so if you would like to learn more please call us on 1300 337 845 where a nurse will be able to discuss this in more detail.

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news mail logoIVF Laboratory Now In Bundaberg

25th May 2015 – Parents who are about to embark on the journey to conceive with the assistance of IVF are one step closer to home with a lab now in Bundaberg.

Fertility Solutions news logoFertility Solutions announces the addition of Dr. Nerida Flannery

24th March 2015 – Dr. Nerida Flannery is an obstetrician, gynaecologist and fertility specialist practising exclusively at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Buderim.

affordable ivf logoAffordable IVF Releases New TV Advertisement

24th March 2015 – Affordable IVF is pleased to announce the creation of our new :30 television advertisement which promotes our services in Buderim and Bundaberg.

affordable ivf logoNew IVF Lab Planned For Bundy

26th January 2015 – Affordable IVF is pleased to announce that we are in the planning stages of opening an IVF Laboratory in Bundaberg.

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We are hoping this will enable couples living in the Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Maryborough regions access to a more affordable IVF treatment option. Treatments that will be initially offered for patients having treatment with Affordable IVF will be:

  • IVF/ICSI with frozen or fresh ejaculated semen
  • Click here for more information on patient admission criteria

It is planned that the laboratory will initially operate on a 2nd monthly basis. Given that treatment spaces will be limited for these 2nd monthly visits, we would appreciate you registering your interest early. Once we have established interest, we will be able to confirm with you the date in which this new laboratory will become operational.

There are also plans to have a doctor specialising in infertility visit Bundaberg on a 2nd monthly basis. If you would like a private consultation, please register your interest now. Register your interest NOW by calling 1300 337 845.

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caboolture news logoCaboolture couple’s “little miracle” celebrates milestone

3rd September 2014 – Affordable IVF’s first baby Flynn Jones is turning one this month and it marks more than one milestone, with the clinic also turning one this year.

daily mail logoBudget Babies: IVF clinics offering huge discounts

18th August 2014 – For some couples, falling pregnant is an easy and happy process, but for a growing number it’s a battle that could cost them tens of thousands of dollars and involve years of tiresome hormone injections and invasive procedures.

prnewswire logoWide Bay Burnett Affordable IVF Services Now Available

12th June 2014 – Affordable IVF has made its low cost IVF and ICSI fertility treatment services available to prospective families throughout the Wide Bay Burnett Region, it was announced today.

news mail logoLow-cost IVF to bring couples’ dreams closer

3rd April 2014 – The heartache for couples desperately trying to get pregnant usually is often made worse when coupled with the enormous expense of going through IVF treatment.

affordable ivf logoFour Pregnancies Mark Beginning Of New Year

1st January 2014 – What a wonderful way to start a New Year. On the 2nd January 2014, as the nurse on call for our patients, I waited in anticipation as four of our patients headed off to have their pregnancy tests.

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They had had an IVF cycle with a fresh embryo transfer before the clinic closed for the Christmas break. You cannot imagine my excitement and sheer delight when each one of these four tests returned a healthy positive reading.

I then had the pleasure of calling each one of the awesome foursome and got to inform them that the new year was off to an amazing start for them – they were pregnant!

There were tears of joy and relief on the end of the phone – another wonderful day in the life of an IVF nurse 🙂 We have only been open 12 months and already have 22 positive pregnancy tests recorded. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Denise

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affordable ivf logoAffordable IVF Promotional Video On Youtube

3rd December 2013 – There is now a competitive, achievable cost IVF option for couples.

heraldsun logoQueensland Families Are Fulfilling Their Baby Dreams Thanks To A New Cut-Price IVF Program

19th October 2013 – Three-week-old Indiana Jade Walker, born on October 1, is her adoring parents’ cut-price baby.

sunshine coast daily logoIVF ‘Lite’ Delivers It’s First Baby

28th September 2013 – HUNDREDS of desperate wannabe parents are seeking help to conceive at Sunshine Coast IVF clinics.

affordable ivf logoFree Information Evening With Local Fertility Specialists

11th September 2013 – Affordable IVF is hosting a number of free IVF informational events throughout Queensland.



prlog logoAffordable IVF Treatment Now Available For Queensland Couples

7th November 2012 – Affordable IVF announces its launch of lower cost fertility treatment services for Queensland area couples seeking to pursue their dream of having a baby.