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Preparing Yourself for Pregnancy

Preparing yourself for conception and a healthy pregnancy is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your unborn baby – after all you are giving them the best possible start in life. To find out more about getting ready for pregnancy, please call our office.

Helping Others Understand

The following information was put together by Jody Earle who frequently felt the need for a brochure like this one during her own eleven-year infertility struggle. She experienced three pregnancy losses, one in each trimester and eventually, the premature births of her two sons. She continues to be a peer counsellor for those working through infertility.

Feel free to visit:

https://fertilitysolutions.com.au/helping-others-understand-your-infertility/ and give to your family and friends, it may just make your journey a little easier

The Effects Of Alcohol On Fertility

The risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy are well understood, with heavy drinking linked to fetal alcohol syndrome, miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight. Learn more.

Medication Resources

To better understand the medications used in fertility treatment, please click here.